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Headshot Rasean Hyligar

About Me

Hello, I'm Rasean Hyligar, also known as the Facts Pharmacist (I gave myself that nickname and you'll see why in a bit). I am the host of Motivate Grind Succeed: The Podcast, a self-improvement podcast, as well as a Men's Self-Improvement Coach and Strategist

I am deeply passionate about personal growth and empowering individuals to reach their full potential. Through my podcast, I provide valuable insights, actionable strategies, and unfiltered advice to help people overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.

As the Facts Pharmacist (told you we'd get to the explanation!), I embrace a straightforward and candid approach. I believe in telling things as they are, focusing on honesty and accuracy rather than sugarcoating information. This approach allows me to provide objective insights and practical advice.

Because of my love for learning, I am constantly exploring new avenues and expanding my knowledge to make a positive impact in other people's lives as well as live a life I'll be proud to look back at.

In my free time, I enjoy diving into books, exercising, connecting with like-minded individuals, and even playing some video games!