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Podcast Genesis Accelerator

Transform Your Podcast Dreams into Reality with Lightning Speed!

From Zero to Ready To Publish in 10 days!

The Story Behind Podcast Genesis Accelerator

After hanging out at a bunch of podcast conventions and chatting with folks just starting out, it hit me how many people are buzzing with excitement to tell their stories but get stuck on the 'how-to' part.

Questions were flying at me left and right – some were itching to start without spending a dime, while others were lost in the sea of microphones and mixers, wondering what gear to grab first.

I found myself deep in conversation for hours, not just with newbies but with podcast pros too, swapping notes on everything from how to snag more listeners to whether it's worth shelling out for that fancy mic.

That's when the lightbulb went off. There needed to be something that could answer all these questions in one go, without making it feel like rocket science.

So, I put together the Podcast Genesis Accelerator, kind of like a cheat sheet to get your podcast from 'what if' to 'what's next' in no time.

It's all about cutting through the noise and making podcasting a piece of cake.

So What Exactly Is Podcast Genesis Accelerator?

Podcasting can be pretty overwhelming, right?

On one hand, you're being bombarded with talk of equipment.

On the other hand, it's everything software.

Right in front of you is AI.

Behind you is all the stats of podcasting blowing up and you needing to be a part of the ride.

Now, imagine if you had someone...

+ Help you figure out your show's vibe

+ Navigate the maze of equipment options

+ Dodge those sneaky startup costs

That would turn it into a pretty straightforward plan to launching your show, right?

That's Podcast Genesis Accelerator!

It's about getting you from "Hey, I've got this idea" to "Hey, listen to my first episode" in less than two weeks!

What You'll Get

Expert Guidance to Launch Your Podcast: Step-by-step instructions to take you from idea to published podcast in 10 days or less.

Flexible Financial Paths: Options to start your podcast journey for free, on a budget, or with premium resources, tailored to fit your financial comfort zone.

Exclusive Bonus Content: Behind-the-scenes screen recording of the recording, editing, and publishing process.

  • A curated list of podcast equipment that's been personally tested and approved.
  • Personal audio settings to make editing simple and efficient.
  • A special module to help you overcome limiting beliefs and boost confidence.
  • A repository of professional tips and tricks accumulated over 3+ years of podcasting experience.

Dynamic Course Format: A mix of engaging video lessons and practical homework assignments to apply what you learn in real-time.

Evergreen Access: Dive in at your own pace and revisit any part of the course whenever you need, with lifetime access to ever-relevant content.

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